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Chai Point

(UX/UI for a Food & Beverage Brand)


Chai Point is a F&B retail brand whose purpose is to serve the working Indian a great glass of Chai

Old App Interface

II. User Flow

App-Design-UX-Sitemap-User-Flow copy.png

I. Problem

Chai Point was agressively growing and online ordering channels was quickly becoming one of their most important touch points. However, the customer experience on their app wasn’t optimal.


III. Wireframes


After finalising the wireframes, we started with the User Interface design.


Grid based approach

List based approach

Finalised card based approach

Our primary focus was to lock down on a layout which would keep the product at the center of the users attention. And everything else was designed around it for an optimal user experience.


Old Layout

Re-designed Layout


IV. Card Design

As one of the major assets of the UI we made sure we had a clean design which addressed all the mandates while being the most suitable solution to make a sale.

A larger ‘+’ button was deliberately used to compell users to add to cart

A descriptive of the product would appear when the user clicks on the product image

Product name and pricing were kept as mandates

V. Order Tracker

We understood that the most anxious period in a customer lifecycle is the waiting time between order placement and delivery. A tracker which was visible from the home page would help keep the most important information upfront for the user.


Thank you for watching!

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