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graphic design for a book cover using vector graphics and color gradients

The Challenge

TITAN wanted to create a handbook for employees to understand what skills they need to develop at their current leadership role, and what skills they need to develop to get to the next level. Our challenge was to make this information into something readable and interesting.


The first step was to look for repeated content, and reducing content to make it crisp and precise.

graphic design for a two page book spread using vector characters for a contents page

Character Design

We then started looking at character designs that would lend a human touch to the entire handbook.

2nd Char.png
4th Char.png
Selected Icon.png
5th Char.png
6th Char.png
7th Char.png
Titan boy bino.png
Titan girl bino.png

TITAN Girl Squad

TITAN Boy Squad

titan boy and girl.png
Titan Girls.png
Titan Boys.png

Design Language

We decided to extend TITANs color palette to help us color code different sections of the book. We locked down on fresh colours that would set a clear distinction while being easy on the eye.

We also developed text lockups that could provide consistency across the pages and make it easier to understand the context.


Header 1

Raleway light Raleway ExtraBold.png
Considerations While Using Competencies_

Header 2 & Body

Gotham Bold.png


Raleway Regular Raleway Bold.png
Vector Smart Object.png
02N copy 2.png

Level Selection

Top layer.png

Top layer

We were inspired by century calendars which show the date and day of 100 years together, by using a simple wheel. Using this technique we would be able to help guide the viewer to what was relevant for them.

Inspiration Calender.png
Bottom layer.png
middle layer.png

Middle Layer

Bottom Layer


Final Design

Adjustments copy 2.png
Adjustments copy1 3.png
Adjustments copy2 3.png
Adjustments copy3.png
Adjustments copy11 3 copy.png

Cover Design

Once most of our book was ready, we wanted to have an iconic image for the cover. After some research we were able to narrow down on concepts we wanted to build on.


The ice-berg diagram for leadership development came across as a perfect icon for the competency development handbook. We used this as the base and developed it into our cover image.


Thanks for watching!

Silver for Employee Communication.png

This project was awarded

Silver for Employee Communication

at Big Bang Awards, Advertising Club Bangalore (2018)



Arun Gopidas


Kamakshi Kamath

Arushi Saxena

Book Design & Layout

Priya Choudhary

Character Design

Jithin Vijay

Arun Gopidas


Jithin Vijay

Arun Gopidas

Sreejith Surendran

In partnership with 

Red Baton

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