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Amazon Ace Challenge

(Proposal for an event branding)

Amazon Ace Challenge gives students from top B-schools in India the opportunity to work on real-time cases with complex business problems.

I. The idea

The event at it's heart was the story of solving complex business problems. To tell this story we decided to find visual analogies of problem solving.

This would subconsciously cue the nature of the event.

A few of these visual analogies included jigsaw puzzles, legos & tetris.


Amazon's existing palette


Color Palette

To stay true to the Amazon brand, we decided to pick colors from the existing palette and create gradients from it. This look would provide a fresh approach while retaining the essence of the brand.

The extended palette


Visual Style

The visual style we finalised on was inspired by legos and tetris, both games being related to building something. This mix would be appropriate for an event where participants would be solving problems.

Thank you for watching!

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