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We work with our clients with a single objective:

How can we give them exactly what they need?

This drives our work and helps find solutions that work.


giUseppe  Bodoni

founder, transcend global group

"I've been a client of Mr. Arun Gopidas for quite sometime now; I feel lucky to have found such a passionate, talented and dedicated professional along the way. His understanding of branding and brand identity is second to none; and his talent as a graphic artist is equally exceptional. I would recommend (and I actually do) his work to anyone that looks for superior quality."


biban atwal

founder, growing goodness

"For someone just starting out from the bottom, it can be scary when you make your first steps in building something. Defining what you do in a single symbol or logo is much harder than you realise until you try it.

Working with Arun has diminished that fear. Indeed the work that he has done for me is of the highest quality, produced in a manner that felt very much as a team collaboration. Arun’s approach allows an entrepreneur to dream while gently finding that workable solution in a time efficient process.
He very quickly came to grips with what I was trying to achieve and found a way to ‘visualise’ that in an exciting and appropriate application of my less than completely formed ideas. He put in so much time researching the field of business that he could deliver what I had not even dreamt of, he exceeded my expectations in what I wanted, to this day I don’t know how this man has such an ingenuity to recognise in his clients the exact thing they require and deliver on that.

As the modern generation we understand the importance of having a uniform brand presence across all platforms on social media, your website, and your products. Developing a brand isn’t just about making a logo and pumping money into marketing, it’s about the impact you have on your customers, your relationship with them that will sustain you, and if I was gonna trust anyone to help me bridge that gap it was Arun, having worked with him before, I knew I was in good hands, all I can say after this process is over, is I’m thankful for his talent and his hard work. You’ll find a 1000 cut-copy-paste designers who’ll give you nothing new or unique, but if you truly want to succeed and develop a brand that you love and are passionate about, give the reigns to this man you will not be disappointed, he will help you stand out, he will give you a way to tell your story and bring it to life."


abhishek mishra

marketing manager, anatas

"I've been working with Arun since ~four years in multiple capacities. What's been astoundingly consistent is his focus on understanding the requirements, and delivering a clever mix of out of the box stuff, yet in the language of the user. Arun commands a thorough understanding of design principles pertaining to UX, UI, Branding, and even communication. Though being a cofounder is an arduous job, that he invests into staying up to date is evident from his approach and suggestions. Unbeknownst to him (until now), I've recommended him to various folks, and they've all been grateful. His firm, Red Baton, displays a similar skillset. Quick to understand, fast to deliver, frugal, and agile. Arun has a long way to go, and he has my confidence"


arpan roy

founder, the lighthouse farming experiment

"It was a joy travelling this journey with you, It was such a beautiful experience to see your final work. Your work was classy, concise, comprehensive and convincing :) We are really grateful for your precious time and efforts ,looking forward to a rich and exciting journey ahead. This journey with you has been such a blessing in our life, Thank you for being the anchor, to keep us grounded, yet imagining and creating a brand exactly as if you were in our shoes!

God bless you.

With much gratitude and much love!"


vishal gupta


"Arun is not only a subject matter expert in his area of work, but also understands the big picture well. His ability to understand client brief and produce par excellence results in commendable. One of the quality that differentiates him as a professional is DEPENDABILITY."


sreekanth shankaranayana

GM-india, clearstack

"Worked with Arun when we wanted rebranding at CodeTheory and also wanted to change the company name. He and his team suggested us a good number of names to choose from besides ensuring that it wasn't taken. Yeah, we are ClearStack now! The logo was difficult to choose from cause each one was better than the other. What I liked while working with them is the simple process they have in place that makes it easier to work with them. I wish Arun and his lovely team my best wishes and would proudly recommend anyone to work with them"


mayank rikh

Software developer

"I had asked Arun to make me a portfolio website and was extremely please with how quickly he came up with a design, despite my requirement regarding it being quite abstract. The final result was fun and interactive (which was something I didn't even know I wanted). I would be extremely happy to work with him again!"

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