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(Brand Identity & Packaging for a greek shawarma shop)


Vaibhav, the founder of Gyroshack came to us to create the identity for his new shawarma store. He was planning to bringa greek delicacy, a gyro, to Bangalore for the very first time. From the get go, we wanted to create something that would instantly create a Greek association for the brand, while being fun to attract a young college crowd.

The story of our logo

The brand logo was created by the deliberate combination of Greek motifs & a gyro (a greek shawarma)


A set of humorous illustrations were created as brand assets to bring the brand to life.

"...The work they delivered was top notch and I was overwhelmed by the branding work they did for Gyro Shack. Tremendous effort put on minute details. keep up the good work you guys have been amazing ;)"


Vaibhav Anant,

Founder, Gyroshack


Design for food packaging


Design for the food kiosk

Illustration Credits: Uttiya Modi

Thank you for watching!

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