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Kumbh Mela - 2019

A proposal for the identity design for Kumbh Mela: the World’s largest gathering of people.

The idea

While the Kumbh Mela over the years has stood for many things, we wanted to break it down to the simplest idea. An idea so simple that can be understood across cultures and languages:

The story of a huge gathering of devotees at the intersection of land and water.


This story is so simple and unique to Kumbh Mela, that can peek the curiosity of people across borders and nationalities. We wanted to visually reinforce this story through the branding efforts.

Bringing the ideato life

Staying true to the story, we identified 3 key elements:

I. The People


II. The River


III. The Land

Next, we chose the color palette for the festival. After studying photographs from the previous editions of the festival, blue and orange seemed the obvious choice to tell this story.


Extending the brand

We then combined these elements together to create a truly distinct identity for the world's largest gathering of people.


Outdoor Posters


ID Cards


Tote Bag


Wrist bands

Thank you for watching!

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