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Neocraft Digital is a full service agency in the United States. They help their clients with Digital Marketing, Branding & UX/UI.

Brand Narrative

Neocraft helps brands navigate the digital world.

Concept for the logo


Brand Initials




Dynamic Identity


Brand Initials in the negative space


A compass to navigate the digital world


Our belief in pushing our boundaries.

Also, an eye to see things differently


The logo itself becomes a canvas for them to unleash their creativity. The logo could adapt itself for the customers they onboard echocing their belief that one solution doesn't fit all.


Their logo could follow the cursor to add a delightful interactivity on their website.

Visual Identity

For the design for their brand system, we wanted to have a strong connection to the brand narrative of navigating the digital world. Our research led us to the nautical visual system. In 1858, the uniforms worn in the French Navy were the origin place of the nautical visual language. Coco Chanel later went on to incorporate those stripes into her 1917 Nautical collection. We used this nautical design system create some unique & iconic visuals for their brand.

"I've been a client of Mr. Arun Gopidas for quite sometime now; I feel lucky to have found such a passionate, talented and dedicated professional along the way. His understanding of branding and brand identity is second to none; and his talent as a graphic artist is equally exceptional. I would recommend (and I actually do) his work to anyone that looks for superior quality."


Giuseppe Bodoni,

Founder, Transcend Global Group

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