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(Brand Identity & Packaging for a restaurant)


QD is a restaurant in Delhi, India. I discovered Tandoori Momos for the first time here. The distinct flavour of this delicacy makes my mount melt even after staying away from it for 9 years. Not many know about this restaurant or dish, and hence, I call it Delhi's best kept secret.

The identity of this place does no good to the kind of delicacy it serves. So, I decided to undertake this as a personal project to rebrand this restaurant to get some of that hot flavour back and to make something people won't be able to miss.


Current look and feel of the restaurant

I started by asking: "What's the one thing QD does better than anyone?"

The answer was simple: The Tandoori Momos.


Brand Positioning

Brand Narrative

QD helps people uncover the flavours of the tandoor.

The one BIG idea for transformation

A Burning Desire for Tandoor

The logo & visual identity


How the food is made

What the flavour feels like

What the brand looks and feels like

Thank you for watching!

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