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The Lighthouse Farming Experiment

(Brand Identity & Packaging for a farming community in Uttrakhand)


The Lighthouse Farming Experiment is a response to the needs of the most vulnerable and marginalised communities in Uttarakhand, India.

Their mission is to empower farmers from the rural areas by getting them fair prices & collaborating with them to provide marketing & sales strategies to help them sell directly in urban spaces.

They approached us to create a brand identity & packaging solution that could help them stand out and compete in urban markets.

Our approach

We wanted to stay true to the name of the brand & create a striking visual that could work across the product range & sub brands of the Lighthouse Farming Experiment.

The brand anchor


Brand Mission

Empower the community

Master Brand

The Lighthouse Experiment


The Lighthouse Farming Experiment

The Lighthouse Schooling Experiment

The Lighthouse Wellbeing Experiment

The Lighthouse Clothing Experiment

The Lighthouse Housing Experiment


Master brand logo:

The Lighthouse Experiment


Sub brand variant:

The Lighthouse Farming Experiment


Sub brand variant:

The Lighthouse Wellbeing Experiment



"It was a joy travelling this journey with you, It was such a beautiful experience to see your final work. Your work was classy, concise, comprehensive and convincing :) We are really grateful for your precious time and efforts ,looking forward to a rich and exciting journey ahead. This journey with you has been such a blessing in our life, Thank you for being the anchor, to keep us grounded, yet imagining and creating a brand exactly as if you were in our shoes!

God bless you.

With much gratitude and much love!"


Arpan Roy,

Founder, The Lighthouse Farming Experiment

Thank you for watching!

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