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Transcend Global Group

(Brand Identity for a US based advisory & partner firm)

Transcend Global helps businesses around the world with international expansion. Giuseppe Bodoni, the founder of Transcend Global Group reached out to us to rebrand their business.

transcend  (verb)

be or go beyond the range or limits of (a field of activity or conceptual sphere)

The Concept


A is when you start a business. B is where you expect to get.


If this is the journey of a business


With Transcend Global Group, you can achieve this.


Logo Design for Transcend Global Group:

The simple  shift in the E showcases their belief in going beyond your limits, visually showcasing the idea of transcending.


This visual of transcending is carried forward into all their brand touchpoints as well to help us weave a strong visual narrative for the brand.

Thank you for watching!

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