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(Brand Identity for World's Leading Data Science Solutions Provider)

Preparing for the next stage of their growth, Tredence asked us:

"How can our messaging be improved in order to align ourselves to the rest of the world in line with our Tredence 2.0 objectives?"

We took this opportunity to build an brand identity that would truly reflect the ambitions for the next phase of their journey.


We initiated this task by holding interviews with the key stakeholders of the company as well as multiple employees to understand what made them unique and what their vision for the future looked like.

"Tredence is in the business of Data Analytics.

Our main differentiation is the last mile adoption of insights"

"Insights are presented, but aren't consumed"

Most of their competitors advice firms, present reports and get out of the way. No one goes that extra mile to ensure things are implemented.

And every client feels that is the limit of what is possible.


But, that’s how things are supposed to be done.

Atleast not at Tredence.

Tredence is here to solve the last mile challenge.

And that's how we came up with their primary message:


Beyond Possible

Brand Anchor


The logo


Old Logo


New Logo

The new logo is cut at 60 degrees, to pay homage to the old logo & to carry forward some of that legacy.


The unit overall has a forward motion, a perfect fit for a brand accelerating into their future.

We could extend the logo to reach the edges to whatever it’s placed in, to convey their belief in solving the last mile challenge. A belief in going beyond what is expected.


Different forms of the logo can be used as layouts for brand touchpoints.


The logo can be used as a container shape to house different imagery relevant to the context it’s used in. 


We also developed custom icons inspired from the shape of the logo

Sonic Finger PrintTredence
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Sonic LogoTredence
00:00 / 00:07

We also developed a sonic branding piece that can be used as a standard tune for our podcasts and videos.

Thank you for watching!

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