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  • Arun Gopidas

20 famous brands that use ALL CAPS in their logos

If you are getting the logo for your brand designed (or if you are designing it yourself), at some point you'll have to decide if you want to use the Title Case, the lower case or all caps for your logotype.

In most cases, the title case or lower case might seem to be the appropriate choice since that's what you would normally use when you write. Surprisingly, this doesn't have to be the case when you design a logo.

The design of your logo is driven by the sole purpose of crafting a mark that's easy to identify and remember (nothing else matters if you can't check these two boxes!).

So, how do you design something that checks those boxes? You need to consider the following factors while critiquing your design:

  • Simplicity: Does it convey one single idea? Does it have too many elements?

  • Balance: Is your icon & text visually balanced? Are the letters in your logotype visually balanced?

  • Emphasis: Does your design guide eye movement?

  • Contrast: Do the different elements highlight differences to create visual interest?

  • Harmony: Does the arrangement of elements look cohesive as a whole?

So, if the title case or lowercase doesn't work well against these factors, you might be better off choosing an ALL CAPS variant for your logo!

And, if you are wondering if any other brands choose this route, here are 20 famous brands that use ALL CAPS in their logotype:

Tesla logo
1. Tesla

Facebook logo
2. Facebook

Samsung Logo
3. Samsung

Nike Logo
4. Nike

Burger King Logo
5. Burger King

Atlassian Logo
6. Atlassian

Burberry Logo
7. Burberry

Visa Logo
8. Visa

Nokia Logo
9. Nokia

Toyota Logo
10. Toyota

Tesco Logo
11. Tesco

Starbucks Logo
12. Starbucks

Sony Logo
13. Sony

Rolex Logo
14. Rolex

Oreo Logo
15. Oreo

IBM Logo
16. IBM

GAP Logo
17. GAP

Cisco Logo
18. Cisco

BBC Logo
19. BBC

American Express Logo
20. American Express

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