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  • Arun Gopidas

Cleartrip gets a logo update (Opinion Piece)

For a very long time, Cleartrip has had that uneven tick as its logo.

Let's be honest, no one's going to miss that.

Cleartrip's old logo
Cleartrip's old logo

The new design looks much cleaner & way more professional.

Cleartrip's new logo
Cleartrip's new logo

It's more fluid & a few seconds from their logo unveil video looked pretty sweet 💯

But, that's where it all stops. It stops just short of being something worth talking about.

I understand the old logo has been around for a long time & has built equity over the years. And, changing it drastically would be a risky & bold move.

And because of this, the new logo fails to be remarkable. Even their old logo had the same problem: It reminds you of a to-do list & Nike, now more than before.

It's definitely an improvement over the old one, but I really wished there was more to it than just that.

The new logo, like most square logos, doesn't fit well inside a circular frame.

Why is this important? Well, facebook, instagram & twitter all use circular profile pictures.

"Showcasing optimism, the tick breaks out of the box opening out unbound opportunities to travel." (Read more)

This thought doesn't carry well onto social media platforms, where the logo breaks out of the box but immediately gets bound inside a circle (How about just giving a little breathing room? Maybe a little clear space?)

It just feels like no one thought about making this work better on other touch-points (apart from the UI).

And the alignment? Well, that could have been better too:

I understand that most of the rebranding would have been internal facing, and not available for the public eye. This does make sense, your employees do play a major role in building your brand, and that is far more important than cosmetic changes on the outside. And an exercise like this would have taken months of effort & a lot of people's time.

But, I just wished there was more for someone looking into the company from the outside.



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