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  • Priyanka Jain

127 Best Brand Identity Design Examples

From the world of brand identity design, here are 127 of the brands that dared to stand out, not just because of their product but also because of their personality that shines through.

In a competitive market filled with me-too products, a unique identity can compel customers to buy & foster brand loyalty.

We are admirers of well-thought design that makes you stop & take notice. Made with equal parts strategy, love & craft, these brands deserve to be celebrated. That’s why we present some of the finest brands that we can't stop swooning over.

These are not in any specific order nor ranked in any way. All the brilliance in this article are of the teams that worked on these projects & any errors in this document are ours.

Ready to be inspired? Let's go!

1. McDonald’s

McDonald’s - The name is enough to let your mind paint the picture of an identifiable ‘M’ in yellow on a bright red background. The essence of playfulness is perfectly captured in their packaging, iconic menu, and logo through a celebration of distinctive colours and fonts. The new design has elevated that charm giving a simple yet significant twist to the existing packaging, and we’re lovin’ it. From cool blue waves on the Fillet-O-Fish clamshell to the golden melting cheese on the Quarter Pounder, McDonald’s design is expressive, visually appealing, and etched in minds forever.


2. Airbnb

Airbnb has disrupted the world of travel in a way that one feels connected to the place like never before. The brand identity of ‘Belong Anywhere’ became a vision for business and reflects in their logo impeccably. ‘Belo’, a simple icon that stands for four things – people, places, love and Airbnb, transcends language and connects people. A global idea, a symbol that can be hand drawn by anyone imparts the sense of connectivity, safety, acceptance and most of all, being belonged. Much bigger than travel, Airbnb truly has transformed the travel industry with community at its heart.


3. Dropbox

Dropbox is a leading file hosting platform and it's no surprise that it has become the most commonly used platform for syncing and downloading large files. It fosters easier transfer of files and folders and sprouts an environment that can be found at the tip of your fingers. The unexpected combination of ideas, colours, typography, art and illustration brings together the weird yet wonderful moments of the creative process. Dropbox unites teams and the logo is a visual language that unites people across industries and geographies. Simply pick up your folder and drop it in the Dropbox.


4. Burger King

The brand mission that revolves around achieving the highest standards of food quality, sustainability and restaurant experiences, has now found a way to communicate it through their brand identity. In-your-face photography, dramatic close-ups, bold typeface, playful illustration and warm colours are enough to make you drool. Inspired by the original logo, Burger King keeps its resonance alive while connecting to the modern consumers in a fun, confident way. Stepping away from the synthetic and artificial look, the global rebrand is now more real and communicates their flame-grilled perfection. Now when you take a bite at Burger King, it’ll truly be a king’s meal.


5. Firefox

Firefox Browser has been a symbol of trust and reliability and the Firefox master brand identity perfectly combines the existing and new products under one roof. Through a unified identity, the feeling of trust is projected and the moment you look at those identifiable colours and fonts, you know you can vouch for it. At its inception, fox, fire and free were the key pegs waiting to be explored. As destiny had it, it was a fox that won the race and became an identity. And as they say, the rest is history.


6. Uber

The brand that is synonymous with connecting and commuting shares a global outlook which is evident in their brand identity. Encompassing 660+ cities around the globe, Uber boasts of a holistic brand system localised through colour and pattern. Bespoke typeface, designed for hyper-legibility across 13+ languages is an epitome of success and connection. Driver-centric stories told through a U-frame composition lend a heartfelt humanised angle to the brand. The people-focused brand breathes in the shades of safety and assurance through the addition of blue in its identity. Standing true to its name, ‘above all the rest’, Uber surely knows the art of moving together.


7. Oppo

Oppo, the smartphone giant, made a debut of a custom typeface OPPO sans, rendered in Chinese. Latin & Cyrillic. Rebranding focused on refreshed logotype and monogram, a core colour palette of light green, dark green and platinum evokes maximum clarity of expression and simplicity of form. When the vibrant, warm, youthful light green reflects the luxurious ombre of dark green and merges with the strength and elegance of platinum, you know you’re in for a visual treat. The distinctive symbol, instantly recognizable shape and subtle optimisations have fuelled Oppo with a new identity indeed.


8. Dunkin’

The unapologetic orange and vibrant pink are meant to be together just like coffee and donuts. When you see a Dunkin’ it’s difficult to not stop by and when you see their logo, it’s difficult to not recognise it. Bold icons, tone of voice and custom-made fonts truly capture the fun, lively vibe of the brand. Dunkin’ is a mood not limited to donuts and that’s why they let go of donuts from their name. So, the conversations remain the same, the outlets remain as happy but now, with the addition of a bigger menu and better donuts!


9. KFC

The persona of Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC is unmistakable to the brand and their logo. Over decades, the logo has seen a total of 6 changes but Colonel in his signature goatee and string tie with red and white striped background has been a constant. The newest repositioning shifted from using Kentucky Fried Chicken in the brand name to just KFC, a bold move which became widely acceptable. They say that the brand wanted to remove the usage of the word ‘fried’ in their logo. Well, who knows? As long as the authenticity of 11 herbs and spices is maintained, we’ll be flocking to KFC for some finger licking action.


10. Netflix

Ever come across a cohesive visual system that unifies every touchpoint from motion, print, digital and OOH? Well, Netflix is the answer! The striking red logo, a visual metaphor and an identity system is stacked together in ‘stacks’, the endless living catalogue of Netflix shows and movies. Distinctive, clear and identifiable, the brand identity ignites interest, intrigue and emotions. Standing true to their company’s first tagline ‘See What’s Next’, the brand guidelines rely on guiding principles rather than comprehensive rules and regulations, much like our shows and movies. After all, it’s all about Netflix and chill.


11. JFK Terminal 4

The biggest terminal in the USA isn’t just a favoured airline hub, it is an emotion creatively captured by its warmth and humour. Airport terminals are not really branded, but JFK’s terminal 4 is designed to guide and delight each traveller, passenger and customer. Supersized environmental graphics, illustrations of New York, a custom typeface with signage across the terminal for the customers’ convenience and famous quotes spelled out on walls are a visual treat. The vibe of the airport truly builds the excitement for those preparing to fly. Welcome to JFK terminal 4, you’re about to enter the ‘Don’t worry, be happy zone.’


12. IBM

The logotype of IBM culminated in 1972 with 8 layered strips and the initials that are instantly recognisable around the globe till today. The significant simplicity of the logo allowed the brand to reproduce it for documents, signage and architectural applications. This adaptability devised a coherent identity for the brand which is now a symbol of advancement and technology. The patented typeface, unique aesthetic represents a contemporary and ever-changing IBM. The harmonious blue at the core is pleasing to the eyes and signifies the balance between mankind and machine making it a true-blue global company.


13. Starbucks

Perfection lies in imperfections and Starbuck’s Siren is an epitome of it. A slightly tilted nose on the right side of an otherwise symmetrical face imparts a humanised angle to the brand. Stepping away from the perfectly cut mask design and switching from black to the ‘Starbucks Green’ has made Starbucks an iconic and irresistible coffee brand today which is honestly more than just coffee. The expanded palettes of greens, constrained family of harmonious typefaces and the mystical alluring expressions of Siren make Starbucks worth a million bucks.


14. Warner Bros.

The new brand position of everyone’s favourite Warner Bros. lies in the concept of ‘We believe in the power of story’. Strikingly captured in their redrawn logo, the clean lines of the WB shield are a breath of fresh air that break the clutter of the initial logo. Optimised for the digital landscape of today, the new logo is both effective and functional. The letters of the monogram flow in one continuous gesture like a story thereby emphasizing unity and connection and the signature blue hue binds the legacy of the brand while adapting to the future-ready world.


15. Spotify

Spotify’s iconic emblem is all about simplicity, and minimalism. With a few renditions over the years, the concept has remained similar over the years. The modern chic edge of the green circle signifies the endless possibilities of the world of streaming. A great logo is when it instantly conveys the purpose and Spotify has nailed it from the start. A digital and print inclusive design, the green reveals positivity, black conveys power and the white is the perfect contrast for the two. Clean, fresh and fun, Spotify’s logo is appealing to the eyes and music to the ears.


16. Headspace

Meditation isn’t a very common practice despite its utterance since centuries. Headspace is changing that through its one-of-a-kind app and attractive playful illustrations to let people know that meditation is not scary. By personifying the mind as a character and adding child-like illustrations became a driving factor for people to try the world of meditation with Headspace. These visually appealing family of characters make the complex concepts easier to understand and soft colour palette imparts warmth. Navigation has never looked more engaging and accessible than this. You can find your zen even in the most fun manner. Try it yourself, thank us later.


17. Pfizer

The scientific powerhouse underwent a change in identity that reflected the company’s historic presence while signifying its bright future. Scientists see DNA as the essence of life and thus, the new logo was created keeping in mind the DNA helix that rightfully represented the company’s past and present ethos and potential. The iconic pill-shaped logo of Pfizer turned into a double helix spiral upward that imparts a sense of innovation, progress and wellbeing and adapts to the changing landscape of today.


18. Medium

Every idea needs a medium. Well, Medium is just about perfect for that. Keeping the Internet’s original promise of making the world a better place, Medium reinforces openness and democracy. The new logo is amplified by a geometry of three-dot ellipses which complements the new wordmark. The digital-first colour palette balances expressiveness and legibility and the typography itself is a building block that exudes the will to read, write and express in the most interactive and positive manner possible.


19. Kaspersky

The machined quality wordmark expresses the engineered aspect of the brand. Kaspersky wanted to steer away from the dystopian associations typical of the industry and wanted to convey their brighter vision. To express the idea of unrivalled protection, the layer of immunity in the logo is conceived as a vibrant and intelligent energy field. The ambient, graphic variants allow for adaptations across digital and mainline signages. It’s all about the immunity field which is brimming with positivity and security always.


20. Mastercard

It’s impossible to look at the Mastercard logo and not recognise it. Right? The bright and vibrant circles are carefully calibrated in order to stand out against any background. The simplicity and clarity ignite loyalty towards the brand and the interlocking circles, the intermingling of three colours are designed in such a way that it can be used in infinite arrangements to foster usage in every conceivable context. Indeed, a masterstroke by Mastercard!


21. Etihad Airways

When the aviation industry is dominated by the economically driven players, Etihad joined the wagon as a clutter breaker not just redefining air travel but creating a memorable experience mid-air. They wanted to elevate the unprecedented luxury of Abu Dhabi with the technological innovations and have carried forward that thought in their visual branding as well. The facets of Abu Dhabi, sea of sand, serene dunes, patronage of the arts is tied together luxuriously in a bespoke tessellation of gold and brown. Etihad is a destination in itself which is remarkably locale and strikingly global.


22. Zendesk

We all know what a relationship is but Zendesk wants to introduce you to the weirdly fantastic concept of ‘Relationshape.’ The brand’s logo is formed of two simple shapes, representing two people. The blocks are made of contrasting shapes thereby conveying all kinds of interaction between two people. Zendesk helps two minds or businesses come together and the new brand identity is the perfect reincarnation of modern relationships.


23. is a brand that believes in maximising the human potential of mind and body and to exude that positivity in their logo, they underwent a revamp. They steered away from their initial logo of strength and intimidation and embraced positivity and inclusivity. The Vitruvian man in a raw unfinished form when clubbed with boundless energy in a circular form emits motivation, compassion and excitement. has truly become a cult of everything fitness and fun. Looks like their motto of #BeBetterEveryDay was well applied in the logo design too.


24. Bira

Bira, meaning ‘Brother’ in North India imparts a colloquial fun vibe to the brand. Number 91 representing the country code of India elevates its desi roots further and its unmissable monkey that just mirrors the one inside us always is truly an identity that appeals to the ‘serial chillers’ of today. Keeping the core imagery same across all touchpoints reinforces the strong recall value for the brand. Beer can, event or a leaflet, when you spot the monkey, you know it’s Bira. Shall we raise a toast to the idea that brewed perfectly?


25. PR Bar

PR Bar was a forerunner in the nutritional market but the brand identity lacked that zeal. In a bid to raise the bar of rebranding, they introduced a vibrant new colour system, typeface and core graphics. Taking this new identity forward to packaging, logo, sales and marketing material, the power of PR Bar was induced. The appealing, engaging and interactive showcase of products makes way for inclusivity which isn’t limited to just elite athletes. Talk about effective PR!


26. Moto Sonora

Moto Sonora Brewing Co, is where the gritty moto-culture and the tough craft beer coincide. A true-blue tribute to the golden age of cross-country road racing, the brand reeks of tough intensity and raw demeanour that attracts the dusty travellers, adventure seekers and desk jockeys of today. Infused with warm, earthy tones, vintage vibes, the brand has created a unique proposition for itself across the touchpoints. Moto Sonora has built itself an identity that is tough to look away from.


27. Picture Genetics

Picture Genetics wanted to build a brand that was approachable, accessible yet instilled confidence and trust in the consumer’s mind. When it’s about family planning, they know the importance of accuracy and secrecy. The simple color-coded system made for an Insta-worthy attraction and was extended to the physical interaction too. The elegant, intuitive unboxing experience was hale and hearty and laden with a collection of lifestyle and portrait images that created an atmosphere of warmth. Let’s just say everything about Picture packaging is picture-perfect.


28. Quantum Si

Quantum Si finds its identity in its strong hexagonal shape that highlights the alphabet ‘Q’ turning it into a well conceptualised identity. As an extension to this thought, their logo nicely expands and interlocks with fellow hexagonal shapes to form a unique brand language that is catchy and very digital. Their visual style is technical which gives a sneak peek into the cellular structures deemed appropriate for an advanced technology firm. DNA sequencing lies at the core of the brand and it is projected just about perfectly.


29. Brooklyn Brewery

Brooklyn Brewery is known for all the right reasons, its eclectic flavours and friendly personality. This vibrant culture finds its extension in the newly redesigned website that has a custom beer finding tool to help determine and pick a beer flavour based on your personality. The moment you log onto the website, the genuine feel of visiting Brooklyn hits you with immersive photography style, bold fonts and exciting tone. The interactive nature of the website surely keeps the visitors hooked and they end up finding their perfect ‘beer’ match.


30. KETL Tea Company

KETL Tea is an epitome of superior taste and sophisticated packaging. Over the course of four months, the world's best loose-leaf teas were curated along with well-crafted names that suited the brand’s personality, messaging that was the perfect ingredient, packaging that lent a refined aroma to the brand and the e-commerce site that just brought the whole recipe together like a charm. The tastefully done branding is surely everyone’s cup of tea!