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  • Priyanka Jain

127 Best Brand Identity Design Examples

From the world of brand identity design, here are 127 of the brands that dared to stand out, not just because of their product but also because of their personality that shines through.

In a competitive market filled with me-too products, a unique identity can compel customers to buy & foster brand loyalty.

We are admirers of well-thought design that makes you stop & take notice. Made with equal parts strategy, love & craft, these brands deserve to be celebrated. That’s why we present some of the finest brands that we can't stop swooning over.

These are not in any specific order nor ranked in any way. All the brilliance in this article are of the teams that worked on these projects & any errors in this document are ours.

Ready to be inspired? Let's go!

1. McDonald’s

McDonald’s - The name is enough to let your mind paint the picture of an identifiable ‘M’ in yellow on a bright red background. The essence of playfulness is perfectly captured in their packaging, iconic menu, and logo through a celebration of distinctive colours and fonts. The new design has elevated that charm giving a simple yet significant twist to the existing packaging, and we’re lovin’ it. From cool blue waves on the Fillet-O-Fish clamshell to the golden melting cheese on the Quarter Pounder, McDonald’s design is expressive, visually appealing, and etched in minds forever.


2. Airbnb

Airbnb has disrupted the world of travel in a way that one feels connected to the place like never before. The brand identity of ‘Belong Anywhere’ became a vision for business and reflects in their logo impeccably. ‘Belo’, a simple icon that stands for four things – people, places, love and Airbnb, transcends language and connects people. A global idea, a symbol that can be hand drawn by anyone imparts the sense of connectivity, safety, acceptance and most of all, being belonged. Much bigger than travel, Airbnb truly has transformed the travel industry with community at its heart.


3. Dropbox

Dropbox is a leading file hosting platform and it's no surprise that it has become the most commonly used platform for syncing and downloading large files. It fosters easier transfer of files and folders and sprouts an environment that can be found at the tip of your fingers. The unexpected combination of ideas, colours, typography, art and illustration brings together the weird yet wonderful moments of the creative process. Dropbox unites teams and the logo is a visual language that unites people across industries and geographies. Simply pick up your folder and drop it in the Dropbox.


4. Burger King

The brand mission that revolves around achieving the highest standards of food quality, sustainability and restaurant experiences, has now found a way to communicate it through their brand identity. In-your-face photography, dramatic close-ups, bold typeface, playful illustration and warm colours are enough to make you drool. Inspired by the original logo, Burger King keeps its resonance alive while connecting to the modern consumers in a fun, confident way. Stepping away from the synthetic and artificial look, the global rebrand is now more real and communicates their flame-grilled perfection. Now when you take a bite at Burger King, it’ll truly be a king’s meal.


5. Firefox

Firefox Browser has been a symbol of trust and reliability and the Firefox master brand identity perfectly combines the existing and new products under one roof. Through a unified identity, the feeling of trust is projected and the moment you look at those identifiable colours and fonts, you know you can vouch for it. At its inception, fox, fire and free were the key pegs waiting to be explored. As destiny had it, it was a fox that won the race and became an identity. And as they say, the rest is history.


6. Uber

The brand that is synonymous with connecting and commuting shares a global outlook which is evident in their brand identity. Encompassing 660+ cities around the globe, Uber boasts of a holistic brand system localised through colour and pattern. Bespoke typeface, designed for hyper-legibility across 13+ languages is an epitome of success and connection. Driver-centric stories told through a U-frame composition lend a heartfelt humanised angle to the brand. The people-focused brand breathes in the shades of safety and assurance through the addition of blue in its identity. Standing true to its name, ‘above all the rest’, Uber surely knows the art of moving together.


7. Oppo

Oppo, the smartphone giant, made a debut of a custom typeface OPPO sans, rendered in Chinese. Latin & Cyrillic. Rebranding focused on refreshed logotype and monogram, a core colour palette of light green, dark green and platinum evokes maximum clarity of expression and simplicity of form. When the vibrant, warm, youthful light green reflects the luxurious ombre of dark green and merges with the strength and elegance of platinum, you know you’re in for a visual treat. The distinctive symbol, instantly recognizable shape and subtle optimisations have fuelled Oppo with a new identity indeed.


8. Dunkin’

The unapologetic orange and vibrant pink are meant to be together just like coffee and donuts. When you see a Dunkin’ it’s difficult to not stop by and when you see their logo, it’s difficult to not recognise it. Bold icons, tone of voice and custom-made fonts truly capture the fun, lively vibe of the brand. Dunkin’ is a mood not limited to donuts and that’s why they let go of donuts from their name. So, the conversations remain the same, the outlets remain as happy but now, with the addition of a bigger menu and better donuts!


9. KFC

The persona of Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC is unmistakable to the brand and their logo. Over decades, the logo has seen a total of 6 changes but Colonel in his signature goatee and string tie with red and white striped background has been a constant. The newest repositioning shifted from using Kentucky Fried Chicken in the brand name to just KFC, a bold move which became widely acceptable. They say that the brand wanted to remove the usage of the word ‘fried’ in their logo. Well, who knows? As long as the authenticity of 11 herbs and spices is maintained, we’ll be flocking to KFC for some finger licking action.


10. Netflix

Ever come across a cohesive visual system that unifies every touchpoint from motion, print, digital and OOH? Well, Netflix is the answer! The striking red logo, a visual metaphor and an identity system is stacked together in ‘stacks’, the endless living catalogue of Netflix shows and movies. Distinctive, clear and identifiable, the brand identity ignites interest, intrigue and emotions. Standing true to their company’s first tagline ‘See What’s Next’, the brand guidelines rely on guiding principles rather than comprehensive rules and regulations, much like our shows and movies. After all, it’s all about Netflix and chill.


11. JFK Terminal 4

The biggest terminal in the USA isn’t just a favoured airline hub, it is an emotion creatively captured by its warmth and humour. Airport terminals are not really branded, but JFK’s terminal 4 is designed to guide and delight each traveller, passenger and customer. Supersized environmental graphics, illustrations of New York, a custom typeface with signage across the terminal for the customers’ convenience and famous quotes spelled out on walls are a visual treat. The vibe of the airport truly builds the excitement for those preparing to fly. Welcome to JFK terminal 4, you’re about to enter the ‘Don’t worry, be happy zone.’


12. IBM

The logotype of IBM culminated in 1972 with 8 layered strips and the initials that are instantly recognisable around the globe till today. The significant simplicity of the logo allowed the brand to reproduce it for documents, signage and architectural applications. This adaptability devised a coherent identity for the brand which is now a symbol of advancement and technology. The patented typeface, unique aesthetic represents a contemporary and ever-changing IBM. The harmonious blue at the core is pleasing to the eyes and signifies the balance between mankind and machine making it a true-blue global company.


13. Starbucks

Perfection lies in imperfections and Starbuck’s Siren is an epitome of it. A slightly tilted nose on the right side of an otherwise symmetrical face imparts a humanised angle to the brand. Stepping away from the perfectly cut mask design and switching from black to the ‘Starbucks Green’ has made Starbucks an iconic and irresistible coffee brand today which is honestly more than just coffee. The expanded palettes of greens, constrained family of harmonious typefaces and the mystical alluring expressions of Siren make Starbucks worth a million bucks.


14. Warner Bros.

The new brand position of everyone’s favourite Warner Bros. lies in the concept of ‘We believe in the power of story’. Strikingly captured in their redrawn logo, the clean lines of the WB shield are a breath of fresh air that break the clutter of the initial logo. Optimised for the digital landscape of today, the new logo is both effective and functional. The letters of the monogram flow in one continuous gesture like a story thereby emphasizing unity and connection and the signature blue hue binds the legacy of the brand while adapting to the future-ready world.


15. Spotify

Spotify’s iconic emblem is all about simplicity, and minimalism. With a few renditions over the years, the concept has remained similar over the years. The modern chic edge of the green circle signifies the endless possibilities of the world of streaming. A great logo is when it instantly conveys the purpose and Spotify has nailed it from the start. A digital and print inclusive design, the green reveals positivity, black conveys power and the white is the perfect contrast for the two. Clean, fresh and fun, Spotify’s logo is appealing to the eyes and music to the ears.


16. Headspace

Meditation isn’t a very common practice despite its utterance since centuries. Headspace is changing that through its one-of-a-kind app and attractive playful illustrations to let people know that meditation is not scary. By personifying the mind as a character and adding child-like illustrations became a driving factor for people to try the world of meditation with Headspace. These visually appealing family of characters make the complex concepts easier to understand and soft colour palette imparts warmth. Navigation has never looked more engaging and accessible than this. You can find your zen even in the most fun manner. Try it yourself, thank us later.


17. Pfizer

The scientific powerhouse underwent a change in identity that reflected the company’s historic presence while signifying its bright future. Scientists see DNA as the essence of life and thus, the new logo was created keeping in mind the DNA helix that rightfully represented the company’s past and present ethos and potential. The iconic pill-shaped logo of Pfizer turned into a double helix spiral upward that imparts a sense of innovation, progress and wellbeing and adapts to the changing landscape of today.


18. Medium

Every idea needs a medium. Well, Medium is just about perfect for that. Keeping the Internet’s original promise of making the world a better place, Medium reinforces openness and democracy. The new logo is amplified by a geometry of three-dot ellipses which complements the new wordmark. The digital-first colour palette balances expressiveness and legibility and the typography itself is a building block that exudes the will to read, write and express in the most interactive and positive manner possible.


19. Kaspersky

The machined quality wordmark expresses the engineered aspect of the brand. Kaspersky wanted to steer away from the dystopian associations typical of the industry and wanted to convey their brighter vision. To express the idea of unrivalled protection, the layer of immunity in the logo is conceived as a vibrant and intelligent energy field. The ambient, graphic variants allow for adaptations across digital and mainline signages. It’s all about the immunity field which is brimming with positivity and security always.


20. Mastercard

It’s impossible to look at the Mastercard logo and not recognise it. Right? The bright and vibrant circles are carefully calibrated in order to stand out against any background. The simplicity and clarity ignite loyalty towards the brand and the interlocking circles, the intermingling of three colours are designed in such a way that it can be used in infinite arrangements to foster usage in every conceivable context. Indeed, a masterstroke by Mastercard!


21. Etihad Airways

When the aviation industry is dominated by the economically driven players, Etihad joined the wagon as a clutter breaker not just redefining air travel but creating a memorable experience mid-air. They wanted to elevate the unprecedented luxury of Abu Dhabi with the technological innovations and have carried forward that thought in their visual branding as well. The facets of Abu Dhabi, sea of sand, serene dunes, patronage of the arts is tied together luxuriously in a bespoke tessellation of gold and brown. Etihad is a destination in itself which is remarkably locale and strikingly global.


22. Zendesk

We all know what a relationship is but Zendesk wants to introduce you to the weirdly fantastic concept of ‘Relationshape.’ The brand’s logo is formed of two simple shapes, representing two people. The blocks are made of contrasting shapes thereby conveying all kinds of interaction between two people. Zendesk helps two minds or businesses come together and the new brand identity is the perfect reincarnation of modern relationships.


23. is a brand that believes in maximising the human potential of mind and body and to exude that positivity in their logo, they underwent a revamp. They steered away from their initial logo of strength and intimidation and embraced positivity and inclusivity. The Vitruvian man in a raw unfinished form when clubbed with boundless energy in a circular form emits motivation, compassion and excitement. has truly become a cult of everything fitness and fun. Looks like their motto of #BeBetterEveryDay was well applied in the logo design too.


24. Bira

Bira, meaning ‘Brother’ in North India imparts a colloquial fun vibe to the brand. Number 91 representing the country code of India elevates its desi roots further and its unmissable monkey that just mirrors the one inside us always is truly an identity that appeals to the ‘serial chillers’ of today. Keeping the core imagery same across all touchpoints reinforces the strong recall value for the brand. Beer can, event or a leaflet, when you spot the monkey, you know it’s Bira. Shall we raise a toast to the idea that brewed perfectly?


25. PR Bar

PR Bar was a forerunner in the nutritional market but the brand identity lacked that zeal. In a bid to raise the bar of rebranding, they introduced a vibrant new colour system, typeface and core graphics. Taking this new identity forward to packaging, logo, sales and marketing material, the power of PR Bar was induced. The appealing, engaging and interactive showcase of products makes way for inclusivity which isn’t limited to just elite athletes. Talk about effective PR!


26. Moto Sonora

Moto Sonora Brewing Co, is where the gritty moto-culture and the tough craft beer coincide. A true-blue tribute to the golden age of cross-country road racing, the brand reeks of tough intensity and raw demeanour that attracts the dusty travellers, adventure seekers and desk jockeys of today. Infused with warm, earthy tones, vintage vibes, the brand has created a unique proposition for itself across the touchpoints. Moto Sonora has built itself an identity that is tough to look away from.


27. Picture Genetics

Picture Genetics wanted to build a brand that was approachable, accessible yet instilled confidence and trust in the consumer’s mind. When it’s about family planning, they know the importance of accuracy and secrecy. The simple color-coded system made for an Insta-worthy attraction and was extended to the physical interaction too. The elegant, intuitive unboxing experience was hale and hearty and laden with a collection of lifestyle and portrait images that created an atmosphere of warmth. Let’s just say everything about Picture packaging is picture-perfect.


28. Quantum Si

Quantum Si finds its identity in its strong hexagonal shape that highlights the alphabet ‘Q’ turning it into a well conceptualised identity. As an extension to this thought, their logo nicely expands and interlocks with fellow hexagonal shapes to form a unique brand language that is catchy and very digital. Their visual style is technical which gives a sneak peek into the cellular structures deemed appropriate for an advanced technology firm. DNA sequencing lies at the core of the brand and it is projected just about perfectly.


29. Brooklyn Brewery

Brooklyn Brewery is known for all the right reasons, its eclectic flavours and friendly personality. This vibrant culture finds its extension in the newly redesigned website that has a custom beer finding tool to help determine and pick a beer flavour based on your personality. The moment you log onto the website, the genuine feel of visiting Brooklyn hits you with immersive photography style, bold fonts and exciting tone. The interactive nature of the website surely keeps the visitors hooked and they end up finding their perfect ‘beer’ match.


30. KETL Tea Company

KETL Tea is an epitome of superior taste and sophisticated packaging. Over the course of four months, the world's best loose-leaf teas were curated along with well-crafted names that suited the brand’s personality, messaging that was the perfect ingredient, packaging that lent a refined aroma to the brand and the e-commerce site that just brought the whole recipe together like a charm. The tastefully done branding is surely everyone’s cup of tea!


31. The Public

The Public Theater has been an iconic leading institution for theatrical productions and the identity has become just as iconic. Since 1994, the graphic language of the brand has been at the forefront, changing over the years but remaining the same in its essence. The unconventional street typography led to a revolution of accessible and innovative performances at the theater thereby evoking a sense of competitiveness. The fonts are used in varying lengths to form an extended-to-condensed progression to symbolise diversity. The logo also took a more architectural turn making it a branding difficult to miss. Designed by one of the most influential graphic designers, Paula Scher, the design system is truly memorable and unified.


32. has cracked the way to a fun personalised branding. Wondering how? Well, there are plenty of branding lessons. The chatty tone of the brand, hand-drawn typography, friendly illustrations and bright cheerful colour palette are the clear winners that impart a witty-nutty feel to the brand. The business of a family of four has found its place in a cartoonic representation put together by graphic design legend Michael Bierut on each packet in the form of characters for each of them. When you buy a bag/box of your favourite nuts, chocolates and coffee, brace yourself for the fun commentary all over the packaging. Talk about going nuts with fun!


33. D&AD

D&AD festival is a three-day immersion in the world of craft, creativity and culture that represents creative, design and advertising communities around the world. For the 2020 festival, to engage and amaze was their principle which was impeccably positioned in the name of the festival, ‘Imagine Everything.’ The design concept celebrates the potential of the festival where truly everything is imaginable. The fonts and typography expand and stretch which suggests limitless scope and adaptability. Keeping the virtual event in mind, the magnanimity of the event was easily adapted to a digital one making it truly imaginable for D&AD to encapsulate the intention and spirit of the festival in the grim times.


34. Communiti

People coming together, arms on each other’s shoulders is metaphorically represented in the brand identity of Communiti, a restaurant and microbrewery in Bengaluru. People coming together is what gives any restaurant its meaning and Communiti stands by its name across touchpoints and signages. A visual language that creates flexibility and adaptability is what catches your eye instantly. The use of word communiti with as many Ms as you wish, in a straight line or in a rotating circle, the logo just fits in with any asset like a dream. Communiti surely knows the art of building community and their brand, of course.


35. Simba

Carefully crafted (pun intended) and articulated brand ethos is what lies at the core of Simba’s brand identity. Unlike the others, they didn’t build the product first and then the identity. They started working on it together, sprouting ideas for craft beer and brand identity simultaneously. The visual language, the fiery Simba lion, packaging style, illustrations, events and marketing collateral are all positioned towards a unified branding. Some refer to Simba as the #MonkeyKiller and well, we aren’t complaining!


36. Reckitt

Change is exciting and Reckitt has proved that over its dominance for 200 years. The powerfully engaging new brand identity is all things fun, confident, vibrant and energetic symbolising promising future brimming with hope and positivity. New logo, colour ‘Energy Pink’, the bespoke typeface has ushered a new life into the brand. This modern and catchy newness makes the communication more personal, expressive and connected and the ‘R’ at the heart of the symbol represents unity and strength. Distinctive and attractive tone of communication clearly leads to better brand interaction and building a community that recognises the responsibility to protect, heal and nurture.


37. HP

HP needs no introduction and nor does its brand identity. However, it is impossible to not shower praise at its newly devised sharp and minimalist logo. The diagonal slashes forming an abstract of the HP insignia are something you cannot miss. Modern, sleek, dramatic, this new logo was everything HP was waiting to embrace. A logo way ahead of its time, highlighted easy scalability, flexibility and adaptability across platforms. The new logo is a triumph of good taste and sense that can be distinguished by premium marque. HP stands for human progress and the logo symbolises just that.


38. Wildcraft

India’s most loved home-grown brand for outdoors underwent a brand revitalisation. Besides being associated with adventures and leisure, they moved towards a more inclusive approach. There is sensorial awakening through outdoor interactions and that very thought becomes the backbone of the new identity. This notion of interaction broke down the barriers of associating Wildcraft with extreme physical activities. Instead, the focus now lies on celebrating the engagement with the outdoors irrespective of the scale and intensity. It became synonymous with one who liked to seek out and explore. A custom display font brought consistency across touchpoints and visually represented in their raw, primal wild ink brush stroke, the logo is adaptable across assets and channels.


39. Tata Motors

The automotive giant is one of the most trusted brands of India. So, when they underwent an identity change and naturally, the buzz was everywhere. The new brand system brought about unity in the way brand identity was conceived. Fresh, bold language, and borrowed elements from the parent group led to a brand recall that is difficult to part from. The agile and seamless mobility of the future is wonderfully reflected in its new design system and places the brand as a future-ready one. Retaining the iconic, ‘Tata blue’, Tate Motors became an identity of its own while staying connected to its roots.


40. Royal Enfield

The name is enough and your mind would have wandered off to the distinctive sound, bold looks and confident demeanour of the bike. Royal Enfield truly lives in the hearts of its lovers and revamping its identity meant taking away the connection. But, where there is a will, there is a way and to keep the essence alive the redesigning happened with cues from the heritage thereby embracing the future, the new identity became timeless and iconic. The new logotype draws higher recall and finer translation thereby enhancing the movement, power and craftsmanship of the motorcycling experience. And did you know the dual stripes in their brand communication pay homage to the oh-so-distinct dual stripes on the tank of the bullet?


41. BP

British Petroleum’s new vision and strategy revolved around ‘Beyond Petroleum’ which focused on innovation, performance, progressiveness and mindfulness towards the environment. This beacon of change was brought about by the new logo consisting of a sunflower that symbolises the energy of the sun and the green colour that reflects the brand’s sensitivity towards the environment. The 3rd largest oil company in the world strengthened its reach as a leading energy company that continues to reinforce their commitment to beyond petroleum.


42. DXB by Dubai Airports

One of the busiest airports in the world, Dubai’s DXB Airport is a place to reckon with. It was only fair that the crossroads between the east and the west became a distinctive identity. The revamp took off with the concept of ‘surprise within’ that represents the essence of the young energetic city. Onboarding to the idea with displays of local art and calligraphy that reflects accessible luxury of the city, the brand logo features an X composed of arrows that oozes the X factor of the city and the contrasting colours truly set your excitement flying.


43. Kellogg’s

World’s best breakfast staple brand has always been a customer favourite. But the identity was getting lost in the overpopulated supermarket shelfs. Thus, the rebranding was important which preserved the 100+ year history yet reeked of fun and playful demand of today. Cropping the iconic wordmark from the packaging, making it visually brighter and switching to a trendy colour palette brought back the blurring identity with a bang. Also, the new age rebranding meant connecting with the audience better and what’s better than a story? That’s how the seed to spoon story was created which narrated the charming journey of the grainy goodness. And that’s how Kellogg’s became everyone’s favourite, yet again.


44. Petbarn

A brand that resonated with everything pet products was Petbarn. But the brand wanted to elevate the corporate look and feel to a living, happy and emotional one. This shift from a utility brand to a brand that cares wasn’t an easy one but they pulled it off paw-fectly. Inspired by the unique pet personalities of the pets, they created a family of characters on their packaging and across touchpoints that celebrated the beautiful bond people share with their pets. And that’s how Petbarn was reborn as a living, breathing, tail-wagging brand.


45. Kapiva

Kapiva is a wellness brand that wanted to stand-out for its purity, accessibility and goodness. The company’s core lies with the fact ‘Sourced without shortcuts’ and they have replicated that thought in their visual language. Well, there are three key points for that. First, the image of the ingredient on the packaging became a pathway for clear communication. Second, beautiful illustrations of hands were designed holding the ingredient. This established the brand as a trusted one, closer to nature. Third, the arrow on the packaging visually linked the product name to the core benefits which acted as a brilliant identifier. Little things do make a difference, after all.


46. Tea Trunk

A tea brand run by a tea sommelier! Well, you know you can experience nothing but perfection with that combo even in flavours, even in packaging. Steering away from the usual sophisticated air around teas, they wanted their brand to be exciting, approachable and playful. Bam! Comes the brilliant idea of elephant mascot ‘Trunky’ who is seen playing around with the key ingredient of that tea on the packaging. Guess they surely like their teas to be nicely packed inside a trunk and their packaging ideas to be totally out-of-the-box trunk.


47. Sugar Pop

An affordable sub-brand of Sugar cosmetics had its clear vision but cluttered identity. The problem – how to stand-out in that segment aimed at younger, price-conscious users while retaining its brand recall. The solution – minimal design approach free of extra details and messages and a striking colour palette that is recognisable from afar and pops out to the gen Z in a flash. Bright, beautiful and brilliant, we’d say!


48. Dryfix

A blowdry bar in Bandra! Yes, that’s correct. One-of-a-kind styling hub crafted for the woman on the go, Dryfix is as unique as it can get. The brand language is modern, chique and very catchy. Just one look at the logo and you can predict that it’s a hair place because of its fonts that mimic the flair of the hair. The menus, merchandise, uniforms, stickers carry forward the brand language in a cohesive way and the fun spin and wordplay on signages makes it a modern place to be. When you enter the Dryfix outlet, you can’t help but exclaim, “Wow, so hair I am!”


49. Stable

EV Charging stations are a necessity but seldom do companies know where the chargers are needed the most. Stability helps stabilize that confusion. Period. Now, when the concept was future-ready, it was only justifiable if the branding reflected that thought. Tone of voice, character type and mood started resonating with the customers’ emotions to impart a joyful experience. The visual representation metaphorically represented road directions, paths, panoramas and connectivity. The conceptual and abstract elements denoted with the letter ‘S’ connected to the synergy and speed, synonymous to the charging stations.


50. Bitmoji

Bitstrips wanted to expand their portfolio to fit into Apple’s design ecosystem through other apps. And that’s how Bitmoji was born with a visual evolution that connected back to Bitstrips but created a niche for itself. The identifiable multicoloured squares from Bitstrips were retained and applied to the new app smartly. Same colours, new shape. And guess what? With that combo, the world just opened to the endless possibilities of many apps to come in its portfolio and today, the Bitcoin logo is one of the most recognisable app logos worldwide. Did we mention Taylor Swift uses it too?!


51. Loop & Wales

A sock-shop for the sock-obsessed wanted to pull up its socks for a brand identity that is playful, unique and appeals to the sock-connoisseur. The brand wanted to create a feeling of warmth, excitement and fun and elevate the fashion quo of the humble garment – the socks. The mix-and-match graphic language and oversized ampersand became the anchor for the brand. Vibrancy, options and motion are the key favourites of digital platforms and Loop & Wales managed to knock it out of the park with its socks & socks.


52. Waitrose & Partners No. 1

Waitrose & Partners No. 1 has always been a brand synonymous with premium quality and class. The brand wanted to reassess and reduce packaging to align its ethics and ethos with its branding. Thus, the restyling happened that was a perfect blend of sophisticated product photography, muted colour palette, uncoated paper stock that whiffed off choicest quality products. They were able to inform and inspire through a wise packaging design with a short horizontal line as an underline beneath the brand name and a distinctive pale vertical line that ran across the entire packaging on a warm grey background. How are we sure it was a wise design? The sales went up by 40%. Can’t argue with that figure.


53. The Perspective Series

Berry Bros. & Rudd were in the mood to create a collective limited-edition whisky that had the perfect balance of maturity, texture and complexity. The idea sprouted into a name ‘Perspective’ which indicated that an exceptional whisky helps you think beyond and this feeling is aptly captured by award winning photographer Lindsay Robertson who has documented the whisky’s journey from grain to glass on the bottle. The image is like a perfect ode as it flaunts the gold-foiled signature of Robertson and Doug Mclvor, evocative piece of text by Robertson that describes the moment when the shot was taken alongside the latitude and longitude of each location. Mastery of drama and elegance is captured immaculately and all of it does help put things in perspective, isn’t it.


54. Sula

A cannabis tablet brand focused on the calm and soothing effects of marijuana in its packaging as well. Shifting away from the expected green, the warm yellowish orange and the cool blues and purple induces the feeling of fun and recreation. The radiant colour palette is inspired by the aura seen while consuming cannabis. Thoughtful, right? There is a catch in its name too. Sula means capsule and has a simple yet memorable ring to it as well. The packaging is surely unique, playful and comes with a manual. We’re guessing, they wouldn’t want you to go overboard with the consumption.


55. Eat offbeat

Food doesn’t know the language of boundaries and with Eat offbeat, they curate customized boxes of cuisines from around the world, delivered to New Yorkers. The branding is off-beat much like the concept with warm colour, aspirational narrative and bold flavours projected through the look of parcels that have travelled the world. The flexible system is inline with the company vision of empowering and celebrating the global homecooking and making it accessible in a box. The idea seamlessly extends to their website, tent cards and menus which helps build an identity for the brand, for the world cuisine. Hop on for a ride of tasteful branding with Eat offbeat!


56. Enreach

When the brand demanded a representation that integrated businesses into one culture, the identity also had to be spot on. The magic of contact is beautifully captured in the gestural logo and characterful animation which imparts a humanized angle to technology. Simple yet significant, blending in yet standing out, the logo is everything that elevates the personality of the brand reaching a wider audience and helping people connect and businesses flourish.


57. Bitchy

Being a bitch is a strength, not a weakness and Bitchy, the brand led by Christine Quinn, the star and influencer, embodies that. The bold, unabashed and rebellious idea behind the brand gave birth to its loud, classy and scintillating typography and brand look. Overpowered with the confident fearless tone, the brand reclaims the ‘B’ word in style and panache. The blush pink backdrop hints at the female centric vibe that is met with the bold confidence of black and oozes an uncensored charm like no other.


58. The Smart Co.

If you were to celebrate a childhood favourite indulgence in a playful packaging, the answer would be The Smart Co. They’ve achieved the impossible. Giving a nutrition-packed, flavourful tart a delightful makeover. Capturing the nostalgia in a packaging that is adorned with cute hand-drawn tart flavour all over it on a pastel colour background denoting the fruit. Pink for strawberry, green for lemon…yaa, you get the drill. Right from product naming, to packaging, copywriting, description, everything has a tone of excitement seeped in it that we absolutely adore to the core. Brb, gotta grab a bite!


59. Hulu

The streaming platform got an upgrade as they traced back to the roots of the name ‘Hulu’ which means holder of precious things in ancient Chinese. Rightfully, they turned the U in the logo to a shape of a vessel which fuelled the brand with an energetic vibe. The bolder, brighter and greener brand colour mimics the warm glow of the TV experience and the punchy headlines exude a friendly vibe of the brand. The huluverse streams a sonic identity which features a four-beat mnemonic which is carried across all key brand interactions. Say hello to Hulu and be prepared to be awe-struck.


60. US Postal Service

The America’s postal service is an infrastructural achievement and technical marvel but plagued by budgets, it was losing its charm. But there came a branding idea that became a saviour and helped position the USPS back to its iconic status. Modernizing the image and unifying the brand identity - Sounds simple, did wonders. Streamlining the retail experience, clearer signages, re-designing in-store experiences were some of the changes that were made. A robust three-bar layout system was applied to tags, signages, packages, menus and other collaterals for unity and recall. And as they say, the rest is history.


61. Opium Eyewear

You see the world through your lens and when the responsibility is so much, it better be of best quality. Opium eyewear truly transforms the way you wear glasses and see the world. Wait, it doesn’t end here. Their brand identity is equally enticing. The packaging has weirdest things put together to complete one image. The reason? Coz the brand motto revolved around ‘It’s how you look at it’ and there can never be just one way, right? So, a candy floss turning into a man’s beard, hair turning into bowl of noodles, you’ll get just the amount of wacky packaging that makes Opium stand out and how. Yaa okay, the variety will get you addicted to’em.


62. Imaginarium

What happens when technology meets creativity? Well, prepared to be mind blown by the concept put together by Imaginarium, the 3D printing company. This new name and the new logo took the world from the usual techy logos to a space where tech is not ‘technical’, but creative and magical. Everything in and around Imaginarium felt like a canvas, including their office spaces that were brimming with creativity and innovation newness. Blurring the lines between 2D and 3D, the inter-dimensional typeface demonstrates the joy of turning a concept into a tangible solution. Who knew, a printing company could have a fun side too?


63. Mumbai Press Club

Mumbai Press Club stood on shaky grounds, torn apart between the white and the black only to appear grey. And that wasn’t its moral compass. To re-centre its focus, a new identity and voice tone was introduced that became a pivot for its rise. Seeking inspiration from the symbol of a beacon, a dynamic, responsive logo made of stark black and white that left no space for any colour in between, became the talking point. It was catchy, out there and adaptable to the environment. The new identity charged the audience and journalists with energy, confidence and fearlessness, like it used to be back in the day.


64. The museum of art & photography

Most museums in India have important historical collections but seldom any crowd but MAP is certainly not one of those. It has redefined the museum-going experience in India through its vibrant, dynamic and knowledgeable approach. The identity is built on a hexagonal grid logo with ‘M’ as its centre focus which represents six disciplines namely photography, modern & contemporary art, textiles, paintings, sculptures and objects and popular art. Deeply Indian, the colours extend the deep cultural connect, drawn lines represent a mix of history and modernity and the museum becomes a place that gets mentioned on people’s to-visit places.


65. Jack Daniel

Jack Daniel wanted to connect with the Indian audience on Diwali and as you can imagine, breaking the clutter of confectionary brands going crazy advertising their products, it wasn’t easy. And oh boy! Did they manage? They hit it out of the mark with the limited-edition celebratory Diwali pack. The distinct visual language of the brand seamlessly merged with the good fortune and prosperity side of Diwali. The no. 7 was highlighted like the glow of the festival in the centre, unmissable. What’s more, it became impossible to party without JD and not get tempted to play cards by looking at the regal packaging. Thus, the brand designed a deck of cards to let the fun begin, quite literally.


66. Katakali

Katakali from Marrakech retails books and items carefully picked by architect Priti Paul. Katakali meaning story of flowers is an extension to the mystical tales of Ibn Batuta, the explorer. The bespoke logotype illustrated by a central motif, a magical tree bejewelled with almond shaped eyes, elephants, camels, peacocks and parrots imparts a sense of evocative narrative and refined elegance. The handmade wrapping papers are printed in gold and embossed with majestic gold elephants which truly wrap you in the wonder of mystic and magic.


67. Aquaguard

A brand that has been synonymous with the identity ‘paani ka doctor’ was looking for a tweak in persona that celebrates its legacy while staying updated with the changing times. It all starts with a drop and that’s how it all started for the brand. They wanted to treat every drop as a gift by nature thereby preserving it with innovative solutions and best in class products. The new logo glorifies this thought through the font that is made to appear like drops of water. A true-blue example of simplicity at its significant best.


68. Paro

The wellness and personal luxury brand of Good Earth, takes you to the journey of ancient Vedic wisdom. The identity of the brand is dipped in the intrinsic fabric of India which resonates with the global standards. The calligraphy logo in Devanagari is an epitome of grace and poise. It is rhythmic, fluid, minimalist and conveys the meaning of Paro (beyond). The muted colour tones evoke a sense of earthiness and timelessness and the ‘haldi’ colour forms a distinct brand colour. Extending the intricate charm to the packaging, Paro beautifully celebrates the six seasons of the Vedic calendar by abstract prints that shift as the season changes. Drenched in layered richness, the brand identity of Paro is truly beyond luxury.


69. Himatsingka

The global textile master wanted a shift in identity that consolidates the brand legacy and gears them up for the future. This cue was enough to form a base for the new logo that was built from 6 H’s forming a unique monogram. The ‘Himatsingka Wheel’ portrays the company as constantly moving forward and the embedded star is a symbol of inspired excellence. A balanced colour palette of vibrant orange and sober grey represents the farsightedness of the brand while staying connected to its roots. The new identity is truly a global one which is easily adaptable across platforms and can form a starting point for diversification.


70. Feed My Bangalore

An NGO that supplies food to the vulnerable communities affected by Covid-19 was doing its part at a skyrocketing speed and the need to build an identity that is recognisable and trusted needed to be devised too. The idea of branding didn’t come from strategic thinking, rather gut which worked wonders. The logo crafted from the 2 e’s from ‘feed’ in a heart like symbol exude optimism and humanity. If you look closely, the two eyes of the ‘e’ don’t meet. The reason – they wanted to specify social distancing while establishing the fact that we’re in it together. The vibrant orange background with the city acronym makes it instantly identifiable. This brand identity surely makes us believe that not all good things need hours and months of planning. Sometimes, the first idea is the best one.


71. Biocoin

The stalwart pharmaceutical company, Biocoin wanted to undergo redesigning to stand at par with the global standards as a credible brand. That’s how ‘Dynalix’, the symbol was created which was a concoction of Dynamic and helix. The double helix is bold, catchy and stands-out instantly thereby representing the future-proof brand of today. Innovation, health-care are the core expertise of the brand and it was successfully represented in the new logo.


72. Murugappa Group

Ever wondered if a change in brand colour could fuel the brand with a new identity? Well, something similar happened with Murugappa Group when they decided to swap their blue peacock with a red one with their brand name in lowercase. The red reflected a sense of vibrancy, passion and energy that had taken a back seat over the years while the lowercase gave it a simplistic connection with the people. The peacock was too close to their heart and they didn’t want to part away with it. And maybe say it’s good that they didn’t? Because it truly carried forward the heritage of the brand.


73. Sify

Sify Corp, a pioneer in internet services, was looking for a more cohesive branding that binds all its sub verticals under one umbrella branding. But the challenge was pretty evident. How to rebrand it in a way that the sub-identities resonate in one voice in this dynamic digital world. That’s when the idea of putting a dot ahead of the word sprouted which was in-sync with this tagline ‘keeping you ahead.’ The colour palette was changed to lime green and grey. Different, right? It surely was. Breaking away from its counterparts, the colours infused freshness in the brand and became an instant differentiator.


74. Hercules

Hercules bikes celebrate heroic, adventurous and bold riders of today but the logo was lacking that aggression and passion. That’s when they traced back to the meaning of the name derived from the Greek hero Hercules who had a heroic encounter with a lion. Capturing the incident, the logo displays a merger of lion’s mane with the shield of protection designed with the concept of ‘Stealth Warrior’. The powerful symbol ‘H’ in the centre of the shield imparts strength, agility and valour to the brand. The new logo was a life-changer for the brand as it resonated with the youth for its contemporary appeal.


75. Nestaway

Nestaway wanted to create a platform that provides homes for everyone without discrimination. Looking for a house in a different city that feels like home is a difficult and lonely task but Nestaway is making it fun, relatable and friendly with its unique, ‘voice-box’ out-of-the-box identity design. The younger target audience instantly connected with the brand that propagated ‘no city is a stranger’ through its comical and fun fonts and colours. The square shape paired with arrows is a flexible identity which stretches and holds messages in any form across all collaterals. The inclusivity is portrayed through the candid, playful imparting the familiar feeling to the people.


76. 7Beanstalk

When you think of coffee, you think of the aroma, the beans and the taste. That nostalgia is packed in flavours in 7 Beanstalk Co and reflected in its packaging. Using type as image and infusing the packaging with brand colours, the packets became a stand out. The sensorial stories on the pack brought back the whiffs of nostalgia of great coffee. Wondering why the name 7 in the name? Well, the beans grown are from seven of the finest coffee estates in the country.


77. Imagine Juice Up

The brand identity that started with cold-pressed juices quickly expanded to ‘Imagine’ – a clean label for smoothies, health-shots, matcha teas and more. Goes without saying, the identity had to be changed too. Since the aim was to make a brand that compliments your diet and your lifestyle, they wanted to celebrate ‘The Good Feeling’ of mixing both impeccably. Thus, the idea is narrated well with catchy phrases and stories on bottles and touchpoints. The torn-effect of the brand label imparts a hand-crafted feel and the raw peppy fonts make it stand-out of the clutter on the shelf. The verbal language is extended to the bottle caps too. Well, when you pick up a bottle of ‘Imagine’, you will have lots to read, admire and relish. They have used the positive mindset of people and negative spaces on the bottle rather imaginatively.


78. VIP Bags

It was impossible to think of a legacy luggage brand without VIP’s name popping up. That was the recall of the brand but like any other being, the brand’s logo was not resonating with the aspirational, on-the-go millennials. And to capture that audience and showcase their will to resonate with the spirit and passion of travel, they changed their logotype. Converting the colour into an energetic red, adding a strike through the acronym inspired by the comet streaking through the skies and giving it a dynamic slant created a sense of rhythm, forward approach and speed. The result – the legacy stands still and the millennials relate…now more than ever. VIP attained its VIP status, yet again.


79. Go Mechanic

Go Mechanic wanted to go the extra mile for its customers as a friendly, smart and energetic choice of car servicing requirements. The otherwise boring sector had to undergo a brand change to instil that feeling in the customers. Thus, the quirky interactive logo was created with a car and a wrench highlighted. But it wasn’t just that, the headlights of the car were made out of wrench and the negative space was used smartly. With the concept of #GoSmart, they communicated with the smart crowd of today and built a modern identity for itself.


80. LifeCare

A medicine delivery company is a lot more than just that and LifeCare wanted to portray itself as a complete health management pharmacy and that’s how the journey of revamp began. Turning the word ‘Care’ from a noun to a verb, the logo highlighted the alphabet ‘C’ of care as a symbol of consistency. When it’s about health, a positive dose every now and then can go a long way and that’s why we added a personalised touch with our branding that oozed positivity.


81. Kool Kanya

As cool as the name, the brand is a nurturing platform for women’s career growth and their vision of togetherness and positivity is well reflected in their logo too. The twinning ‘K’ forms a butterfly with its modern wing pattern which beautifully signifies life, growth and wings to fly which is the motto of the brand itself. The pop of vibrant orange is firstly, a breath of fresh air amidst the ocean of pinks and secondly, it instilled a sense of motivation and empowerment which is the sole purpose of Kool Kanya.


82. SanDoitchi

A favourite place of mouth-watering sandwiches, vibrant ambience and experiential kitchen, SanDoitchi is a brand many swear by. The logo that resembles the gooey juiciness of the filling with the fonts that flow seamlessly from alphabet to the other are a perfect representation of the brand. The tagline ‘Fill your day’ is a reminder that simplicity is truly the best and the earthy packaging with the bold playful brand language painted on it surely steals a charm. But that’s not all, posters of authentic bread making infuse a sense of transparency in the people and the walls adorned with cooking spatulas are a perfect welcome to the Teppanyaki heaven.


83. Nookad Namkeen

Nookad Namkeen is a nostalgia packed in every bite and each time you enter its premise or pick a packet under its brand, be sure to get transported to your childhood, the busy familiar streets of India which we’ve all grown up seeing in our neighbourhood, our nookad. The vibrant hand-painted walls beautifully capture the essence and chaos of the streets, the pop of colours remind us of the oh-so-lively colours that is the identity of every corner and the hinglish language connects to the urban crowd of today who understands and takes pride in this concoction of two languages. The namkeen packaging is unlike its counterparts. It carries the same hand-drawn illustrations on the packet with contrasting colours. Nookad Namkeen is a genuine representation of the Indian streets and the rumour has it that the flavours are exactly the same too.


84. Tulua

Tulua is preserving the local, familiar curry taste of our homes and saving the hours of preps. The curry bases are ethically sourced which is perfectly showcased on their packaging too. The ingredients were arranged by hand in an intricate pattern for each of the curry bases and then mirrored on packaging boxes. The placement of spices draws attention towards the magnanimity of flavours, complexity and beauty of our familiar and favourite Indian cooking. The diversity of spices is projected by highlighting the hero ingredients present in each of the curry bases. Talk about eating local and thinking global!


85. Aditya Birla Group

Aditya Birla Group needs no introduction. With dominance in the market for over two decades, they have a stronghold in almost all sectors globally. The third and new avatar of the group celebrates the ‘big in your life’ by highlighting the journey of the superbrand in a dynamic and vibrant way. New mark, new milestones demanded a new logo that confirms the brand’s inception into new horizons. Keeping the essence of the old logo alive, they’ve tactfully given a new life to the brand with the refined touches and aesthetically revised logo.


86. Travosh

The global travel-tech shopping platform is the perfect place for frequent flyers and vacation goers. The reason – it merges your travel plans and suggests products based on that. This brilliant idea was brilliantly projected in the logo which drew inspiration from a multi-tooled pocket knife that is synonymous with travel and adventures. The orange, neat, outlined symbol showcased flexibility, dynamism and diversity where you get everything in one place. Besides shopping, Travosh has a friendly website navigation that prompts you with travel itineraries, weather conditions, do’s and don’ts etc.


87. Avendus

The next level approach was apt for a financial services firm and the logo rightfully does justice to that. Boldness, confidence and fearlessness are the three adjectives that you would choose to describe it in one go itself. The visual language focuses on the ‘next level’ which is shown in a simple yet powerful manner. The look and feel depicted risk-taking, growth and agility, everything that is part and parcel of business. The same idea was transferred to their office spaces too and instils a feeling of positivity and motivation amongst everyone.


88. Moonshine

Moonshine Meadery was a hit amongst all but the identity was being overshadowed by the casual nick-name ‘MM’ instead of Moonshine and they wanted to change that. So, they removed the ‘MM’ from their branding altogether and stuck to highlighting the round white sphere of the moon that became a canvas for artists. And they didn’t disappoint, as it was used in ways that were quirky, artistic and unlike ever thought before. Imagine converting the moon sphere into the face of the owl. Sounds wacky? Well, it really is and imparts a super fun and chill vibe to the brand. Sticking to three prime brand colours, black, white and ochre yellow, they’ve kept the identity intact while expanding into the playful world with colourful labels.


89. Great State Ale Works

A brand that serves a hands-on DIY approach with their beer brewing techniques, it is only fair that the identity is DIY too and that’s how the great logo came into existence. The constant element which was the brand name was accompanied by the interchangeable symbols. To give an interesting spin to the branding, these interchangeable colourful symbols were turned into stamps for a dynamic and unique look. But are you wondering what these symbols are? Allow us to introduce them to you. The symbol G, H20 symbol, broken crown, heat symbol, and the sextant coloured in green and orange. And when the symbols become a t-shirt print too, you can be sure that they were a success.


90. Make My Day

Food brings joy and a food branding should have the same feeling. Isn’t it? Now we don’t know about everyone but Make My Day aces that feel with their talking logo. That’s right! A cherry yellow is used to depict emotions of the vegetables and ingredients. This all-veg place leaves no stone unturned when it comes to sending out positive and warm vibes. Enter their premise and be in awe of the creativity adoring the walls. MMD, like it's popularly known as, has managed to make a unique identity for itself amidst the thousand others.


91. Surya Hospital

A hospital known for Neonatal Intensive Care and Pediatric Health Care wanted an identity that establishes their specialisation with utmost sincerity and trust. Thus, the idea of a metaphor of a blooming flower that beautifully captures the motto of love and care, happiness and smiles, healing with tenderness, wellness of a child. The colour palette comprising vivacious pink and sober teal conveyed reassurance and trust. The expressive and bright icons and childlike visual imagery blends aesthetics with functionality. Also, a brand named Surya that doesn’t have sun in their logo was truly a breath of fresh air.


92. Banijay

World’s largest TV content producer and distributor wanted to look fearless & proud, speak with confidence and act as creative risk takers who are also the storytellers. That’s how the motto of ‘storymaking set free’ was coined which became a guiding factor for the revamp. The monogram B that appears with the brand name seems just a regular creative interpretation of the alphabet. But, in reality, it is when the number of portals merge together and create a brand B. Mind blowing, isn’t it?!


93. MoLo

MoLo is the short form of Modern Logistics, who wanted to redesign its brand identity. One word came to their mind which celebrated the nature of the industry and fostered the will of the company, ‘Driven’. With this word, it was only befitting that the logo is energetic and visually loud. That’s how the heartbeat of logistics was created which evoked the sense of humanness as well as the service expertise. A vibrant colour palette of striking blue expresses warmth and speed and the logo truly became an identity of minimalism with maximum success.


94. Possible

The brand focused on weight management wanted to expand its portfolio and rebranding naturally followed suit. Starting from the change in brand name which became ‘Possible’ because they wanted to shift from a functional brand to an emotional friendly one. The visual design celebrates that amicable nature of the brand with ‘P’ as their monogram which creates a window of possibilities on the packaging. What does that mean? So, when you see a packet of Possible products, the hero ingredient of the product would be highlighted in that monogram P. Interesting, right? That way not only does it become catchy; you don’t have to read through the labels to find out about the ingredients. It’s truly impossible to skip the ‘Possible.’


95. Wirex

The borderless digital platform flaunts a logo that is simple but has two distinctive elements that cannot go unnoticed. The double strikethrough in the alphabet ‘W’ symbolising currency and the reductive ‘R’ go flawlessly with the geometric graphic language of the card. This establishes the brand as a digital-led one and the palette of light and dark green help differentiate it from the competitors in a second. Playful illustrations developed by the artist Tatyana Yakunova position the card as an everyday card. Talk about nailing the brief.


96. Lululemon Selfcare

When an activewear brand enters the world of personal care and cosmetics, you know you’re in for a surprise and so were we in awe of their product range as well as branding. The sleek red and white packaging is an aesthetic borrowed from the Lululemon identity which imparts a premium look to the brand. Their honest and straightforward communication strikes a chord with product names like basic balm, anti-stink deodorant, sweat reset face moisturiser and more. The movable logo has thousands of words and alphabets filling up the screen to finally focus on the word ‘self’ in a very subtle manner. Then the letters group together to form the lululemon symbol. Immersive logo indeed!


97. Tesco

Tesco wanted to rediscover a sense of self and maintain its popularity in the ever-competitive British market. Taking their slogan of ‘every little helps’ they did a very British thing which is to wrap the brand in the colours of Union Jack, red and blue. The warm, passionate identity resonated with every British instantly and reinforced that Tesco will always be truly British. Tesco was truly a jack of all trades and the new identity further sealed that feeling.


98. Transavia

The fundamental change in the positioning of Transavia as a chartered flight service to an affordable and budgeted airline for everyone was a big step. The idea of imparting low fare with care meant devising communication that exudes the feeling of warmth and pleasure, within the budget. A no-complicated website design combined with four brand colours created a playful and accessible feeling. Every information is tied together in graphic tiles of different shapes, colours and sizes across all touchpoints. They managed to do what many in the industry steer away from – Giving a fun and flexible spin to the aviation industry.


99. Avrotros

A leading broadcasting brand wanted to devise a forward-thinking strategy that implies strong catchy typography. With its arrow-like composition, a dynamic visual character puts life to the brand. The word-mark shifts, zooms in and out, shifting the spotlight making it interactive and fun, much like the movies. The colour palette of mint green and dark blue became bold, unique and versatile. The dynamic motion graphics became recognisable and instantly likable.


100. Systems+

The IT giant, Systems + has been a trailblazer for all the right reasons. Their brand identity is simple yet effective. The bright blue brand colour merges in yet stands out in the array of blue logos. The dynamic identity is adaptable and instantly catches attention. The identity is further elaborated to merchandise, collaterals and office walls to create a uniformity in the system. Plus, the sign at the end portrays the company’s ability to scale up donating progress and growth.


101. Glide

A young insurance company wanted to create an identity that was relatable, interesting and not-boring like its counterparts and Glide was a breath of fresh air amidst the insurance companies that look the same. The name itself proposes the fact that you can navigate the services smoothly and the green colour is surely a stand-out. The font in which the name is written hints at the young relatable vibe with a line sliding downwards to form the Glide.


102. Cardless

The new customer credit card financial technology firm wanted to create a brand identity as a futuristic one. The designers developed a highly advanced look with a fiery red colour and flair that reeks of futuristic approach. The colour is a stark contrast with the blues and blacks of this industry. The logo that is simple, bold and recognisable plays with the alphabet ‘C’ that forms on a negative space. There are no borders, lines and boxes which take the brand’s core message forward and give you a sneak peek into the cashless world. Across all signages and partnerships with brands, the identity of Cardless merges with the others while standing out, effortlessly.


103. Virgin Money

Virgin Money wanted to steer away from the usual corporate look and reflect the seamless approach of the brand. This thought-process was translated into a mono-linear wordmark, a geometric logo that looks human, catchy and forms an instant connect. The friendly, approachable feel of the logo makes it a trusted choice for the consumers to bank upon. The loop in its ‘M’ gives an impression of a young, digital and forever moving brand. The primary colour red is the cornerstone of the Virgin brand and reflects the vibrant, energetic approach. The logo is adaptable across all platforms and can be tweaked as per the signage easily while maintaining its identity.


104. Plenaire

Plenaire means ‘in the open air’ in French and the brand identity does justice to its name. The logo, colour palette, custom typeface and the graphic language are in unison with the brand and the product. Each product has an identifiable asterisk system that helps determine the state of the product. So, if the brand is in a solid form, single asterisks are stacked together to form a triangle on a light purple background, the brand’s colour. For liquid, there are two asterisks and for gas, there are three asterisks. The minimal yet striking packaging and design connects to the urban modern and well-read crowd of today and surely stands out of the clutter of cosmetics.


105. The Culture House

How does an authentic Indian restaurant stand out in the food market in India? Well, the answer lies in the exclusive brand identity of The Culture House. A spoonful of tradition clubbed with the touch of modernity was the philosophy TCH craved for. The alphabets C and H combine together to form क in devnagri script which phonetically sounds like K. The quirky hindi idioms on menus and walls impart a homely connect and reignite the interest in the simple yet tasty home food.


106. Fable

Fable skateboards, an inclusive, progressive skateboard brand is built on five gender-neutral characters namely Fab, Avery, Bev, Lucian and Ellery, friendly monsters which form each of the alphabets of the brand. These hand drawn illustrations exude fun, excitement and a young brand which is brimming with energetic and cool vibes. They wanted to make skating fun and the brand identity rightfully narrates this thought. Fable is fab indeed!


107. Cheetah

The fast delivery service was a game-changer and the identity had to showcase that remarkably. It delivered orders at a lightning speed which is why the name Cheetah. The brand principles were guided by Candid, Conversational and Determined which were reflected through their playful, typographical logo. The mini-cheetah mark is a playful solution to the app icon and the wagging tail is a witty addition to the logo. Going beyond the boundaries of language, the brand switched to a paper-cut graphic approach that was hand-drawn, friendly and cool. This imparts flexibility to the brand which is trying to be flexible with its deliveries and changing mindsets of how people order food.


108. Biggans

The food brand Biggans have been serving fish paste for decades but wanted to change its identity to cater to the young new crowd of today. Biggans’ tubes were transformed by printing a layer of blue ink over the aluminium surface in order to appear like fish scales. The cardboard box in which tubes are kept have hand drawn illustrations which showcase the ocean bed and give a sense of freshness and authenticity. Attention to detail is what makes Biggans stand out in a sea of brands.


109. Jaktar

Engineered for exploration and adventure, The Jaktar Boat is a symbol of perfection. The word itself is derived from ‘Jack Tars’ - a term used for seafarers in the 19th century. The logo that has the brand name is a lesson in branding. The letter ‘J’ forms the shape of the boat’s bow and the other alphabets are created to showcase the precise engineered angles of the boat. Brilliant, right? Also, the colour palette is a desaturated one that merges with the environment and a flash of orange adds life to it which is inspired by the iconic life vests.


110. ProViva

Want to know what a pro brand revamp looks like? Well, you’ve come to the right place. ProViva, the popular Swedish functional drink brand has managed that. The packaging was changed to put its USP – the usage of good bacteria to the centre. A fun attractive packaging was introduced to target the young and the old and to make it stand out on the shelves. The new logo is simple and proudly features the bacteria in a typographical manner on the box. Termed as ‘promojis’ the design is an apt representation of the brand ethos. Swirling fruit in place of the alphabet ‘O’ brings the brand back to life and the colour-coded boxes for differentiation amp up the excitement to try on flavours.


111. Apotek

When it’s about a pharmacy brand, it’s ideal if it builds trust and care amongst the people and Apotek did just that. They added a personal touch of wellbeing to their packaging which assured people of that extra bit of care and concern. Steering away from the typical medicine feel, they wanted to instil the feeling of warmth and healing that comes with care. The playful yet credible illustrations are a breather that make Apotek unique and accessible. The brand belief of everything from the heart is well reflected in their logo and packaging design with a heart outline.


112. Vitra

A true premium furniture brand was iconic and what was more iconic were the designers behind the brand. Thus, the idea of celebrating their Midas touch erupted. In the brand communication hierarchy, the brand name followed by the designer, the object and the year were showcased. The humble cardboard packaging was a celebration of high quality, simplicity and craftsmanship. The upgrade surely enhanced the brand presence and infused young energy into Vitra.


113. Mione

Mione is a fashion brand that emphasises on the simplicity and delicateness of silk and the brand identity mimics that impeccably. The usage of muted colours like blush pink, white and cream on their website and the typographic design of the logo lend an elegance to the brand. The clear crisp logo imparts a sense of class and comfort that is like a second skin to the brand. Mione has its brand game on point and we are rooting for it.


114. Yema

A functional store for everyday products changed the way customers perceive the little things to buy. When a brand is able to reinvent consumption habits, you know you’re in for a treat. The walls and shelfs painted in pastel shades, the attractive product packaging and a relaxed atmosphere make the customers feel welcomed and at ease. The idea was to create a friendly space that embarks on a superior shopping experience which is guided by a person's interest and curiosity. Also, it isn’t possible to pass by a Yema store and not walk-in for a quick scan.


115. Avanza Skin

Made by athletes for athletes, a brand that understands what sweat acne, chafing, and hair damage feels like. Inspired by the chemical structure of elements, the logo exudes a carefully curated brand driven by passion and backed by science. A logo that sports features like Spot UV makes it a clear stand out which mimics the reflective fabric synonymous with sportswear. Interesting, right? Well, with a well-thought brand like that, you can expect nothing but sheer perfection. Brand identity goals indeed.


116. Vodka 14 Inkas

The first Peruvian Potato Vodka derived its name and logo from what was inscribed in history. Based on the theory of Tocapus, a prehispanic graphic system or as some say a kind of heraldry belonging to the Inca nobility, the logo is dipped in class and perfection, much like its taste. Fourteen different labels represent the 14 Inkas of the Tahuantinsuyo, the Inka empire which is proudly known as the most extensive kingdom of pre-Columbian America. Shall we raise a toast to the thoughtful identity!


117. Plantarium

First things first, what a cool name for a vegan café, right? And if the name wasn’t attractive enough for you, wait till you see its logo and purpose. The café that boasts of serving plant-based alternatives showcases that beautifully in its logo with the alphabet ‘P’ looking like a leaf of a plant. Also, no points for guessing that the colour of the logo is green.


118. Vie: fit

VIE fitness studio is all about personalised training and the brand identity conveys it through its strong character and aerodynamic lines. The vibrant yellow colour of the brand emits energy and motivational vibe which stand out in the fitness market. It’s surely one of those branding and places that you’d want to visit all year long and not just in January.


119. Alma Libre

The Mexican heritage is reflected like a mirror in the sophisticated bottle of Alma Libre dipping in refined taste and elegance. The architectural figure of Mexican culture merges with the geometric forms of the sacred to evoke a sense of spirituality and class. The brand’s goal is to become a sustainable Mezcal brand and their packaging denotes that remarkably.