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  • Arun Gopidas

Here's how you build a stronger brand

A brand is an intangible asset that lives in the minds of your consumer. A brand is built as a result of an ongoing process of gaining trust, recognition & loyalty. What your consumers think and feel about your brand can be influenced at every customer interaction & brand touch point.

Here are some areas you can focus on to influence your consumers perceptions & build a stronger brand:

Be EASY to Identify

Make it easy for your consumers to quickly identify and spot you. The logo, color palettes & design systems can set you apart visually, while the tone & personality can verbally set you apart. The more distinct your brand feels and looks, the easier it is for your consumers to spot you.

Guarantee quality

Your brand needs to be a guarantee of quality. A consistent quality over time builds brand loyalty & trust. This is what will bring back old customers & encourage your existing customers to spread the word. As your business grows, you will need to set up processes in place to ensure consistent quality without your involvement.

Be Visible

Brand awareness is crucial to building a stronger brand. Figure out what your consumers do & where they spend their attention. Use this knowledge to craft brand experiences for your consumers to increase awareness & recall. Whether it's digital spaces like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Clubhouse or physical spaces like expos, exhibitions or events: show up where your consumers are.

be Helpful

Brands exist to make lives easier for their consumers. Make sure you primary goal is to help & empower your consumers to achieve their goals. Whether it's through the actual product or through your content, make sure you are consistently providing value to your consumers to maintain top of mind recall.

be Ethical

Have a point of view & take a stand. Consumers associate with brands which resonate with their values & beliefs. While jumping onto every controversy & voicing your opinion might not be a good idea, but make sure you talk about issues that you firmly believe in.

I hope this helped you gain some clarity on creating a stronger brand. Share this post with someone who might find it useful!



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